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Since 1999, Regulation D Resources has provided Regulation D private placement preparation and execution support services to over 3,800 corporate clients seeking to raise capital from investors. Specializing in execution under all available Regulation D exemptions, RDR is particularly excited about the new 506c program that allows general advertising to accredited investors. The 506c program provides the promotion advantages of a public offering while retaining the benefits of a private placement offering. When utilized in conjunction with an ultra-high specification Presentation Grade PPM prepared by RDR, it provides a company unmatched capability to solicit investors and raise capital using the 506c "general advertising" offering exemption and a Presentation Grade prospectus package that is Tier 1 quality.

If you or your firm is looking for an established and well-versed group of experts to handle the preparation and execution of your Regulation D private placement offering, then look no further than Regulation D Resources.

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8 Jun 2015

Regulation A Plus

On March 26th the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released updated rules for Regulation A offerings and, through lack of action, signaled that Title III crowdfunding is probably dead in the water regarding implementation. Our thoughts on Regulation A+ follow our historical perspective on the program: it is a ...
27 Apr 2015

Final Rules on Regulation A

Last month, the SEC finalized its amendments to Regulation A, providing new rules mandated by Title IV of the JOBS Act. The new rules allow for two different offering levels, Tier 1 and Tier 2 respectively. Tier 1 allows offerings of as much as $20 million in a twelve-month ...
19 Mar 2015

Four Common PPM Mistakes

Over the last 16 years of operating in the private placement services arena – we have reviewed thousands of PPM’s developed through various origins and methodologies. While some PPM documents were prepared to an acceptable standard of technical accuracy – many fall far short of being technically accurate and ...
17 Nov 2014

Accredited Investor Verification Guide

Companies that sell securities may need to verify whether their clients are accredited investors. This is important for companies registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as those that have exemptions under Regulation D. Regulation D rules 505 and 506, for instance, limit the number of non-accredited ...
3 Nov 2014

Effective Sphere of Influence Promotion via Regulation D 506(c)

The implementation of Regulation D 506(c) has created a significant opportunity for companies with existing media and other assets to use the program for soliciting investors. The following are three common methods companies are using existing assets to execute promotion of an offering: 1. Website Promotion: Many of our ...
22 Oct 2014

Regulation D and Lending Companies

Regulation D offerings are more frequently being utilized to raise capital for companies that lend capital to real estate and consumer finance borrowers. With banks being placed under strict underwriting guidelines by Dodd Frank – an opportunity has developed allowing private lenders the capability to provide capital at attractive ...
8 Aug 2014

Private Placements and Technology

Raising money through private placements is an attractive solution for the age old problem of where to find capital. More money is raised on an annual basis through private offerings than on the stock market. They are easier to launch because they are exempt from registration, there is less ...
7 Aug 2014

What You Need to Know About a Reg D 506c Offering

If you are looking to raise capital for your company or big idea, the new Reg D 506c can help. This is a new exemption from registration that is offered by the SEC. The rule was created in response to the passing of the JOBS Act. It provides a ...
1 Aug 2014

A Subscription Agreement Private Placement is a Must Have Form

If you are raising capital, issuing a private placement is an excellent way to do so. Before you can close the deal, create a subscription agreement private placement in order to finalize the transaction. This is one of the documents that should be included when you have your PPM ...
24 Jul 2014

Who Makes Enought To Be On Accredited Investor Lists

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently undertaking a required review of who gets to be on accredited investor lists. In other words, the SEC is now looking at the definition of an accredited investor and mulling whether or not the criteria needs to be changed. This is ...